TWT TEA: Did Fantasia Really Get Married?


We are still recuperating after attending Reginae Carter’s birthday bash over the weekend! It was long but fun! At the event my girl Fantasia walked in hand in hand with a light skinned brother who didn’t say one word but seemed to be smitten with the soulful R&B singer. Fantasia and I go way back and I have always loved her style over the years and have posted her looks time and time again. She works with local celebrity stylist Shun Melson who pulls lots of her looks for the red carpet. This is how I got to know Fantasia through the years because Shun (who is a friend to the blog) would stop her on the carpet and let me get pics of her in her outfits and run down the designers to me etc. After that, when Fantasia would see me out, she would ALWAYS stop to chat and say what’s up. She has always been really sweet to me. Well at the party, I raised my eyebrow and said, “Fantasia who is this cutie pie, is this your new boo?” She responded to me with this tea! 

TWT TEA: She said, “Tami not only is he my boo, he is my husband, we got married!” I was a bit taken back with this new tea she told me but kept my composure and said, “oh really, I didn’t know you got married, congrats to you!” She said we will have to sit down and talk about it. She went on to say that she was done with her gig on Broadway(The Color Purple) but in town here in Atlanta working on a new album, she said “we will have to catch up.” He didn’t say one word just stood there grinning the whole time and took her hand and they walked into the party. Welp, there you have it! I didn’t look down at her hand to see if she was wearing a ring or not but for now, I guess Fantasia is off the market! In some of her recent pics on instagram, you can see her sporting a platinum sparkly piece of jewelry on her ring finger. Oh by the way, his name is Kendall Taylor. Story developing! xoxo


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