TWT TEA: Is Columbus Short Replacing Yung Berg or Benzino On Love & Hip Hop?

columbus short

I remember first laying eyes on this handsome actor Columbus Short a few years ago when he was in the hit movie Stomp The Yard. He was young, vivacious and hott! Now he seems to be on a whirlwind of disaster with two failed marriages, drunken rages, domestic violence allegations and recently getting publicly fired from one of the best tv dramas of all times Scandal! We all know he played Harrison on the hit drama series and we all grew to love him and that character, what a great gig right? Well, with all of his legal troubles I guess he gotta pay the bills some kinda of way right? Well check out what I overheard EXCLUSIVELY the other day!  This source is well seasoned in the entertainment industry and I know what was said is somewhat true but this is still all “alleged” and we will have to wait and see…Geesh! Come inside to get the tea! 

TWT TEA: I was in the room filled with some heavy hitters over the weekend that are all in the entertainment business and everyone was chit chatting when this person got a phone call and turned away from the crowd and yelled out, no!!!! They had a full fledge tantrum about this person and how something was going to ruin his career! It was about our boy Columbus Short! They went on to say how disappointed they were that he just signed up to be on the next season of a reality show! My assumption is that Columbus will be replacing rapper/reality star Yung Berg who was recently fired from Love & Hip Hop L.A . That makes sense because Columbus Short lives in Los Angeles but then again he could be making his way down here to Atlanta for the other hit reality show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta because we all know that Benzino just got fired too and Columbus spends a lot of time here! We LOVE and embrace Columbus Short here and on September 25th, he gave a Scandal Season Premiere Party that he hosted! During the bash, he also debut his single, “Gladiator” lol. Lawd, this should be good and let’s wait to see how this all pans out! Would you guys watch him on a reality show? I think he would bring all sorts of drama with his antics! I reached out to his publicist and they had NO COMMENT! xoxo

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One thought on “TWT TEA: Is Columbus Short Replacing Yung Berg or Benzino On Love & Hip Hop?

  1. I don’t watch either show. I don’t think he’d draw me in, but it would pique my interest. I hope it’s not true, but I’m guessing it is. Sigh

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