TWT TEA: KeKe Wyatt Leaving R&B Divas Atlanta/ Getting Spinoff Show?


Last week singer and reality star KeKe Wyatt was awarded at the ASCAP “Women Behind The Music” Atlanta Edition. As we all know, she is expecting her eighth child and she looks really happy! I have always been a fan of hers and she is extremely talented, we always have fun when we see each other! During the event, my sources told me that she made an announcement and said…

that she will NOT be returning to R&B Divas Atlanta. Say it ain’t so! So for all those folks that love reality tv and her show in particular, you will not see her on there anymore but there is a bit of good news! She will be getting her very own spin-off show where I’m sure they will capture her and her husband Michael Jamar with their family. How cool is that! Sources around these parts are also saying that Execs are not sure if R&B Divas Atlanta will be returning for another season because ratings were low on Tv One! I never watched the show unfortunately and do not have Tv One on my cable channel but I wish all the ladies much success! This will be KeKe & Michael’s first child together. Good for KeKe and her growing family! I wish her a healthy and safe birth. xoxo

ASCAP Rhythm And Soul Presents Women Behind The Music, ATL Edition


Images via Paras Griffin for Getty Images

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One thought on “TWT TEA: KeKe Wyatt Leaving R&B Divas Atlanta/ Getting Spinoff Show?

  1. KeKe has always been my fav on the show. I don’t know how she’ll be on her own show though. Also, I don’t believe this Keke & Mike’s first child together. She was pregnant the first season of Divas and was married to Mike at the time. So, unless she was carrying someone else’s baby, this is at least their second child together.

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