TWT TEA: Lisa Nicole Running A Sweatshop? Messy Marveale Breaks His Silence And More!


Those out there that write gossip blogs, I give you a lot of damn credit because this makes my head hurt but now I got some even more hot steamy tea today and it ain’t pretty! Lisa Nicole girl, you must have pissed off a lot of people because they are coming for you chile! My email was flooded yesterday evening and today my cell has been ringing and buzzing! I don’t know what is going on but this will be my last post on the Married To Medicine drama because either Bravo or the castmates need to buy an ad on my site for the new season because this is way too much exposure for the both of us lol. I don’t blog for free but some of my readers live for the TWT TEA and I ain’t no fool and I can always use the extra hits tee hee!

Then I get a phone call this morning bright and early, not from one person it was all of them…Reco Chapple, Marveale “Messy” Williams and Quad Lunceford on a three way, like we was on a party chat line back in the day lol. They was all ready to go in and retract some of the story that I posted up yesterday, chile it got real and I forgot all of them had my number! Lawd help me! I explained that I love them all but I run a business and if its some really good tea and its relevant, I will post it. They understood but wanted me to tell their side of the story now. It was so juicy though and let’s stop playing around and get to the tea shall we!  So here we ago AGAIN……



My boo Reco claims that there was NO beef between him and Quad. He said, chile we are good! I do not know if I’m going to return to Married to Medicine though because they are playing games and I need to get paid! I’m negotiating my terms now but I don’t do free! I’m very busy with my company and fashion brand and tv appearances don’t make or break me! I’m also tired of being portrayed on tv like we are all shady and messy. I’m more than that! It’s disrespectful to the gay community too! I’m turning over a new leaf in life with lots of great things coming, stay tuned!

The next person on the party line trying to tell her side of the story was Ms.Fabulous herself Quad! She is hilarious and I love how she talks so fast but with class and big words. You know she is known for her one-liners too! She said, Tami girl you know you could always pick up the phone and call me but let’s get to the matter at hand! I know your busy and you just need the true details. You for one see that we all are on the line and there is NO beef between Reco and I! Reco and I, we couldn’t be better! Tell the people to stop with the lies and tall tales! Secondly, Marveale does not work for me, he is not my assistant. We are friends yes, but he works for another company, not mine.

She went on to say that some people are “reaching” and may appear to be friends with me but they’re truly not! Marveal never told me about Lisa Nicole running background checks on us, she herself slipped up and told me as I was consoling her about the leaked information on the blogs about her $200,000 tax lien. Why would a “true friend” run a background check on someone in the first place?” Ok millionaire! Some people live beyond their means you know! Living paycheck to paycheck, you still broke! <<<The shade is real, bloop! Quad also said yes there is a new cast member coming to the show named Jill.


Marveale then chimed in to give his side of the story as well. He first told me that yes he did live with his auntie when he first moved to Atlanta but that is what some people do when transitioning to another state. His family showed him love and that’s what people do in time of need! He is only 25 years old he said, but he is working and securing his own space soon. He then said he has never gotten fired from any job, he quit working for Lisa Nicole! Not once but twice, so if he was so incompetent the first time around, then why did Lisa want him to come back? She begged him to stay on and work at least two days but he said no! She requires a lot from people but does not want to pay for the time and hard work. He also had to have surgery in the middle of taping last season, so if he was so thirsty for “tv time” why would he walk away? He went on to say that he thinks that a lot of employees left Lisa’s company because she does not like to pay on time but has all these demands and people got sick of her. Marveale said he couldn’t be happier with his life now and he’s stress free!

I then have to add in a few email deets that were sent to me anonymously ofcourse! To sum it all up they said…

Lisa lives this big lavish lifestyle but runs a sweat shop and likes to claim she is a designer and all but the true talent is in the back room sewing and making garments and she ain’t did a damn thing! She likes to take all the credit and the seamstress, pattern makers etc didn’t like her shady practices and quit. She has a very large turnover at Lisa Nicole Collection! She is really a retailer not a designer at all. She buys things wholesale and sticks her label on it! Then marks it up!

She fell out with reality star Dwight Eubanks too, who has since left the brand! He use to be her creative director. They say their relationship went to hell because of money issues too!

Lawd this is messy but I just wanted to give everyone’s side of the story. You all can stop emailing me now because I’m done with the whole thing, I love them all and I hope everyone makes up and gets alone! Till next time!  xoxo


Update: Lisa Nicole Cloud just called me…lawd!


She wants you to know….

I don’t have any ill-will towards Quad I wish her the best but she was the only person that had an issue with me running a background check. I didn’t slip up and tell her, I told her on my own. It was not a big deal to me. Quad runs background checks all the time on people but from “the streets” from her “Good Judys!” I’d rather pay to get actual facts than googling them.

She paid her taxes but because they made more than their estimated tax payments they owed more. As far as being broke and living beyond my means, we paid 200k + in taxes! Did Quad even make 200k? Anyone who knows business knows in order to owe 200k in taxes you had to make a lot more. Say what you want but at some point anyone who makes a lot of money in America is going to have a tax bill. By the way, how would you know anything about finances in my organization unless a disgruntled employee wasn’t feeding you lies to be relevant. You better watch the snake you think is your friend. The same stuff he is doing to me he will do to you! A snake is a snake and it always strikes when you least expect so beware.

Her and Dwight are still friends. We still work together creatively but Dwights main focus is hair and events ofcourse. When available we still collaborate on many things.

Marveale did get paid, he may not have gotten paid what he thought he should have but he does not have the skill set to get more money from me. He showed that he was untrustworthy, not detailed oriented at all and he ultimately cost me a lot of money. I wish him the best but all this messiness is unnecessary. I didn’t need that toxic energy around me and my business.

Sometimes in a businesses development you have to bring on new people to go to the next level. My design team now is very seasoned in the fashion industry, creative, trustworthy and very happy. My team before didn’t have the skill set to take the company to the next level.


As far as my clothing brand, I do have private labels but 70% of the designs are my own. Most designers out there have a team but it’s all my inspiration for the collections. A design house consist of designers, sample makers, pattern makers, etc. My company is no different. My title has always been CEO and Creative Director. I make all the decisions of what designs make it to the collection. We do have private labels yes, because I have a store now, 30% is private labels and that’s normal in the fashion world like The Kardashians, Jessica Simpson, NeNe Leakes etc, everyone does it. I never said I sew, but I do let designers submit inspiration for collections each season. I design collections twice a year Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.




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