TWT TEA: Married To Medicine Drama! Did Mariah Get The Pink Slip? Lisa Nicole & Quad Feud & More!


This juicy information has been buzzing around the ATL for a few days now but I am just getting enough energy to gather all my facts, make a few calls and put my assumptions down on paper geesh! What in the hell is going on with the ladies over at Married To Medicine? One thing for sure, they start off with a good few episodes, then I nod out and don’t bother to watch any more shows because it’s always too much going on, too many cast members and assistants, my brain starts to hurt! Speaking of assistants…I got the tea on one the castmates ex-employees who has lost his mind and cursed somebody out while cameras were rolling, Quad & Lisa’s feud, Quad & Reco fall out, new cast member and did Mariah Huq get the pink slip? All deets inside, come on in for the tea! 


Married to Medicine

Marveale Williams (far right) but also NONE of these people pictured work with Lisa Nicole anymore, sad!

This is all “alleged” so don’t be ringing my phone but my sources are dead on, so I know it’s pretty much accurate so this is going to be long and drawn out but I will do my best to keep it short and sweet, so stay with me! Ok here goes…

They are saying that at a recent taping of Married to Medicine, newest cast member Lisa Nicole Cloud and her former employee Marveale Williams had a drag out fight! Screaming and yelling took place and Marveale ended up calling her a b*tch while the cameras were rolling! Lisa clapped back at him though and supposedly told him that she did nothing but help him but he betrayed her and that’s why he’s sleeping in his aunt’s basement! Lawd! I can’t believe it because I hosted an event with her and he was there, everything seemed to be ok. You NEVER bite the hand that feeds you though! Well since the grand opening of her boutique she has fired him and pretty much most of her staff for reasons unknown but I think that a lot of people are jealous of her success and the millions of dollars she pulls in from her business with 5Links.

From my understanding he’s from some small town in Mississippi and dreamed of doing something bigger and moved to Atlanta. Once here, he had a few jobs but landed a gig as Lisa’s assistant but did a poor job plus he was running his mouth. She learned that he was going around town leaking personal information about her and telling things that were very inappropriate. That’s when she let him go. I will say that he has even told me some things in hopes that I would post about it and include him in my stories but I always stayed cleared, sounds shady right?

Well fellow blogger Funky Dineva even put “Messy Marveale” on blast not too long ago stating how he was going around town here in Atlanta doing the same thing that I just mentioned, so he’s not looking really cute right about now! But WHY did I just learn that Quad Lunceford has now hired him as her personal assistant!!!! Why would she want to be bothered with him? I heard that he works for free, maybe that’s why and desperately is trying to stay relevant and on the show as a sidekick lol. He supposedly gave Quad all the tea on Lisa and revealed that she ran background checks on her and a few others and that’s when it got ugly. Now Quad and Lisa are feuding on the show while the cameras are rolling! Supposedly he also leaked that Lisa owed back taxes too! All of this information randomly came out after he was fired!

See folks are shady and any opportunity that they have, they will use it to their benefit. I put in a call and asked Lisa about these allegations and she stated that yes, he was her former employee and that he needs to be careful! She has few signed legal papers  by him as far as confidentially agreements and more. She also said she did owe back taxes but that has been paid off. Her and her husband made more than they thought they would, so they arranged a payment arrangement but its all free and clear now. Marveale needs to watch it because she said she will take him to court even if he does NOT have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of and sue his behind! She went on to say that she would get whatever the court allows and take that money and donate it to a charity! Well dayum!


Then I just learned that there is a feud between Quad and fashion designer Reco Chapple. Now these two are fighting over storage space at his warehouse! Quad didn’t like the fact that Reco wanted to charge her a fee for storing her puppy couture collection. That’s expensive you know and he runs a business but she felt like they were friends and she shouldn’t have to pay. Quad is apparently not comfortable with paying folks lol. Now they are at it!I will say this though…Quad needs to be careful because if Messy Marveale ran and told Lisa’s business around town, why does she think it can’t happen to her? That’s why I work solo because my nerves are too bad!

Another thing I heard, the diva on the show Mariah Huq has been M.I.A. from the set and all tapings. She has NOT shot any scenes with any of the other cast members and it’s uncertain if she will be returning to the reality show. Did she get the pink slip? Supposedly there is a new Caucasian lady coming to the show named Jill! Is she taking Mariah’s spot? Plus, I hear that Toya & Simone still aren’t getting along. All of this drama will be on the next season which airs in April. Wow, let me go lay back down, I can’t this morning! Till next time! xoxo



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  1. I always fall of with reality shows do I don’t even try most of the time. I was excited when this show was fist announced. Now it’s just much too much.

  2. Way-ment!!!!!! Whet???? This was some hot TEA today!!!! You should have warned us that this sipping session was steaming HOTT!! I will have to agree with you that Married to Medicine starts off good but then “yawn” after an episode or two. None of the ladies really have a story line to me. This was good tea….yes in deed.

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