TWT TEA: Pilar Sanders & Monyetta Shaw(Ne-Yo’s Ex) Latest Cast Member of Atlanta Ex’s?


I knew that it was a NFLers’ ex wife that was joining the cast of Vh1’s spin off show Atlanta Ex’s but I still didn’t know the name until my source told me a few hours ago lol. I wrote about it awhile back how Hollywood Ex’s popular reality show was gearing up for a spin-off show here in Atlanta! Now it has been unveiled who’s the latest cast members! Come inside for all the tea!


TWT TEA: I shot these pictures of Pilar Sanders(Former NFL Baller Deion Sanders Ex-wife) a few years back, she was so sweet! So it’s said that the beautiful actress will also be joining the cast! I wonder if Deion Sanders is going to approve of this? I can smell the lawyers gathering court documents now to shut her down but if he was smart, he would let her go ahead and do the show because he has already stripped her from child & spousal support, let her make her own money Deion! He recently had an event here in Atlanta, I think about a week ago but I was out of town but nobody was talking about it, so not sure how it turned out. He’s said to also have a reality show coming out too on Oprah’s OWN network called, It’s Prime Time. Rolls eyes and flips Vogue magazine.


Monyetta Shaw,Malaysia,Toya Wright

Then I also found out that Ne-Yo’s ex-fiance Monyetta Shaw may be joining the cast too! She is a friend to the site but it will be funny to see her on the big screen! She’s usually so reserved and quiet. She has a boutique here in Atlanta and I just seen her out at the BET Awards, she didn’t say a word to me, but I guess she wouldn’t tell me ha! I’m wondering if Ne-Yo’s recent breakup with the fashionista on social media was a plow to gain interest for her since nobody really knows who she is outside of Atlanta. Hmm? Time will tell! This line up of females on the show is going to be off the chain! Can’t wait to tune in! Ooh Chile!!!!  xoxo

So we have these alleged cast members so far:

Pilar Sanders ex-wife of Deion Sanders(Former NFL Player)

Monyetta Shaw ex-fiance of Ne-Yo(R&B Singer)

Tameka Raymond ex-wife of Usher(R&B Singer)

Christina Johnson ex -wife of Cee-Lo Green(Rapper/Singer)

Sheree Buchanan ex-wife of Ray Buchanan(Falcon Football Player)

Kim Elba ex-wife of Idris Elba(Actor)



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