TWT TEA: Tami Roman And Her Boyfriend Headed To We Tv’s Marriage Boot Camp?

tami roman

Tami and boyfriend Reggie Youngblood in ATL a few days ago

I’m so confused but now a days, folks will do anything for a paycheck and to stay relevant and thats pretty much of whats going on with reality star Tami Roman. This girl was just here in Atlanta for a photoshoot then she also was one of the judges for a talent show here in town. While there, she told my buddy/blogger Freddy O that she was so happy and in love with her current relationship with a guy named Reggie who is 17 years younger than her, lawd somebody get her! But then today, I’m a bit skeptical of what she told Freddy O because I received a press release from We tv today stating that Tami Roman has joined the cast of Marriage Boot Camp season 3? I thought y’all was so happy? Chile! Come inside to get all the tea! 

tami roman

TWT TEA: Like I said, I don’t trust lots of these celebrities, hence the made up relationship with Kenya Moore and her married boyfriend James. Now Tami and her boo Reggie Youngblood that name alone should make her run will be appearing on We tv’s Marriage Boot Camp premiering May 29th, at 9pm. So what is it Tami, are you happy and in love like you told my boy or is it all an act? Or is it that you want to keep all those reality checks coming in because we know that you also will be joining the cast of Basketball Wives L.A. too. See this is a hot mess but peep the press release that I just got. LOL!

About Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (Season 3)
Love isn’t always the pretty picture they paint on television – it’s about obstacles, fighting and never letting go… literally. In the all-new season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, reality TV’s fiercest personalities will be placed in a house to work on their marriages at the helping hands of Jim & Elizabeth Carroll. But, what happens when you place clashing personalities in a house? Will all hell break loose, or will they work together to get the help they’ve been looking for?

Boot Camp Directors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, joined by co-directors Ilsa Norman and David Bishop, are back and ready to push reality stars to their limits both physically and emotionally. This season, new exercises such as forcing the couples to pull the plug on their coma-stricken partner to feel what life would be like without them, partnered with Boot Camp staples such as the lie detector test and divorce court, will break these couples down in order to build them back up. However, in the end, they’ll need to answer the ultimate question: Is their union worth saving or are they better off apart?

About The Couples:

Tami Roman and Reggie Youngblood
The basis of all good relationships is time together, but this on again off again couple has spent almost as much time apart as they have together. While apart, Tami Roman and Reggie Youngblood both dated other people, but always gravitated back to each other. With a 17-year age difference, they are at different chapters in their lives. Tami has been married, divorced, and has raised two beautiful girls while Reggie is dreaming of the day when he can see her as his bride walk down the aisle and have a child with her. Can these two manage to get and stay on the same page or will that ultimately be their demise?

Other cast members: Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino & Lauren Pesce, Aubrey O’Day & Travis Garland, Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd.

Folks tickle me but they look like a made for tv couple and what actually does Reggie do for a living? I’ll wait. I’m not here to judge anyone but Reggie’s eyes look hella hazy but if you care to watch these two on WE tv you can tune in to check out their chemistry with each other. I SMELL opportunist all day long but I will keep my real opinion to my damn self. Till next time! xoxo

tami roman

tami roman

Peep the sneak peek

Images via Freddy O 

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  1. Lawd….did she say “ppl know me from poppin b*tches?” Lawd….she has not changed and now she go get a son??? I have never watched this show and won’t be now. You called it right, Tami. Opportunist at its best!

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