TWT TEA: Things NOT So Peachy Over At ‘The Rickey Smiley Show’ For Claudia Jordan?

claudia jordan

Now wait a darn minute! I was out last night and got a lot of tea and during the table discussion, my girl Claudia Jordan’s name came up! Not in a bad way at all but just in conversation and it seems as though after she packed up her stuff and moved to Atlanta, things are not going so well for her over at the Rickey Smiley Show! Say What? First off, Rickey got rid of my boo and radio personality Ebony Steele, (who is such a sweetheart) plus we never found out why these high school buddies friendship came to an abrupt end and why he actually fired her. Both parties have remained tight-lipped about the whole situation but now I hear Claudia and Rickey have not spoken in months and it seems that she is NOT happy there. Come get the tea inside! 

claudia jordan

TWT TEA: My REALLY good source told me yesterday that after she packed her bags and moved here to the ATL, things have been all down hill for this beauty! I go way back with Claudia when she was on Deal No Deal and she has always been a really nice person. It just seems as though she can’t really make any good friends here and now her own boss is not speaking to her.

If you remember on last weeks episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she was telling her co-worker Gary With The Tea that she really wanted to be funny on the show and not taken so serious. She loves to laugh, joke and be funny but I don’t think that Rickey has any room on the show for two comedians, yikes! You saw on the reality show that she tried her hand at comedy but failed miserably…sigh.

I think that because she wants to be more funnier on the radio show, Rickey is not having any parts of it and he just wants her to sit there and be pretty but have no brain. I think this is what’s making a lot of tension between the two of them. I have heard for years that Rickey Smiley is a VERY difficult person to work with and I have even had a run-in with him a few years back and it spilled over to twitter. That’s another blog posts though but my source has went on to tell me that when they are at the studio and everyone is eating, Claudia goes into another room to eat because she is not allowed to be in the same room with him. He is also trying his best to find a way to fire her and get her out of that contract. This is all alleged but my source is pretty darn spot on and in the industry, chile! Story developing. xoxo

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7 thoughts on “TWT TEA: Things NOT So Peachy Over At ‘The Rickey Smiley Show’ For Claudia Jordan?

  1. The show is not aired here in Philly and somehow I am not surprised. He was on the Real Monday and when asked if he and Claudia has something going on he quickly shut it down. He also mentioned not sleeping where he works. That’s reasonable and seemed fine.

    When asked about Porsha he said she’s thick. He didn’t dismiss the idea as quickly. And while I didn’t get the impression that he and Porsha have something going on it made it clear that he is not team Claudia.

  2. Claudia is scum she is so thristy I mean the earth is 80% water how is she this thirsty? My god!!!

  3. Im not a Claudia fan at ALL so this story made me chuckle… esp the part about her having to leave the room when he comes in with food. lmao

  4. Your source? I’ve always loved your site because you stick to the facts. Please don’t start being messy. Leave that to TMZ. Lol

  5. What are you talking about? I have been doing talking with tami tea for years now and yes it was a source! Im not understanding what you’re referring to! NO this is not a gossip site at all but once in a blue moon I give the tea in Atlanta if I hear something worth blogging about! Thats it! Thanks!

  6. Well if that’s the case, I will no longer be listening to his radio show at all and will advise others not to bc honestly it’s not funny. I was pissed when Ebony left with no explanation and in my opinion she and Gary made the show. When Claudia was added I began listening again bc I support black women (I know she’s mixed) and could tell they were limiting her role which is sexist. I also hate how Rickey always goes in on Gary’s attire, let that man be great. Furthermore, I believe Rickey thinks women are supposed to be dumb and that’s why he loves Porsha and her dumbness which irks my nerves.

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