Tyra Banks Talks About Her Work/Motherhood Balance On ‘The Real’

On Tuesday, Nov. 17 the hosts of The Real welcome Tyra Banks, who discusses Dancing With The Stars and her new SMiZE Cream ice cream! She speaks about how emotional she was when co-host Jeannie Mai was forced to leave DWTS recently for health reasons, and also shares how she balances her career and motherhood.

And co-host Loni Love expresses her sense of pride in Barack Obama and his legacy, as the ladies talk about the former president’s new memoir and the revelations in it. Check out the clip inside, be blessed everyone!


Tyra Banks Shares How She Balances Her Career And Motherhood

Loni Love: How do you balance and make sure your work doesn’t consume you?

Tyra Banks: Yeah, so it easily could, right, like it can totally take me over. First of all, ModelLand is on hold, so I don’t have to deal with everything – ModelLand’s on hold right now because of COVID-19, it’s an attraction, an experiential attraction, but… I like to just focus, like laser focus at whatever is in front of me. For instance, I used to try to like, do a business meeting and tend to my son, and everything on Zoom, and I realized, no, “Mommy’s on a meeting right now, Mommy has to focus.” I focus on my meeting – and then I give him 100% dedicated time.

Adrienne Houghton: I love that.

Tyra: Even during that workday, you know, when we’re Zooming? Even if it’s five minutes, fifteen minutes, an hour – but super dedicated. Then he feels fulfilled, and then you can go back to work as a mom. You know, so that’s what I’ve realized as opposed to trying to blend it all in, and then he feels messed up, and then people at work are like, “What ‘chu doin’ with your son?” You know what I mean? So… I feel like that focus has helped a lot.

Tyra: As much as I talk about the balance of, you know, like, to spend time with the child, and then focus – I used to get so embarrassed in meetings, like, Zoom meetings, with people, that my son would like, come in, like, “Oh my God, I’m not going to get this deal, this investor’s going to think I’m like, you know, I’m not being, like, you know, responsible.” But now I realize you can like, also embrace the chaos. So my son will sit on my lap and be like, “Who you doin’? What you want? You into some ice cream? You gonna make ice cream with my Mommy?” And I used to be like, “Ohh my gosh,” but now, showing the beauty of that full family is also a good thing, like and you don’t have to be embarrassed as a woman. In the beginning of Zoom, it’s like, we’re taught as women, that like, we can’t show our motherhood, we can’t any of that at work, you just have to be like boom, boom, boom. But now I think it really shows you as a human being and it’s all good. But then you gotta say, “Baby, ok, now Mama’s in a meeting, now you gotta go sit your butt down.” You know, so it’s got balance.

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