Tyra In The City Launches Apparel Line

Congratulations goes out to my baby girl Tyra! She launched a clothing line on her website Tyra In The City the other day and I’m so proud of her! Because she works in the beauty industry and works behind a chair all day long, she wanted to have comfortable clothing that women can wear while either getting their hair done or if you are the stylist. We all want to look cute and comfy and nothing like waking up knowing you have a hair appointment but nothing to wear!

Sometimes you are running late and want to just grab something to throw on and her cute and comfy lounge wear sets are great for that! So happy for her and love her entrepreneurial spirit! Keep going Dootie! More pics and where to find inside, so far there is limited sizes but she plans on restocking soon, so make sure to check back!

Zip Me Up Set

Kaleidoscope Set

Thick Mama Jeans

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2 thoughts on “Tyra In The City Launches Apparel Line

  1. This was everything, with Mother’s Day so close my hat goes off to you and the mother you raised her to be, she is a great reflection of you💕

    Millionaire mindsets ✨
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