Verizon’s Dinner At Dooky Chase’s-Restaurant



I was excited to read that we were headed to Dooky Chase’s Restaurant for our final dinner in New Orleans during Essence Music Festival. Verizon Wireless was the sponsor for our last dining experience. I had heard stories about this famous restaurant and as we made or way inside, it had a lot of charm and I was greeted by the actual owner Dooky. He reminded me of what a grandfather would be and quickly took my hand and showed me around. 

He shared fun stories with me and gripping my hand tight when he had something exciting to share. He said that lots of presidents had dined at his place and recently President Barack Obama. He pointed to a picture that had Obama putting a napkin under his neck with him and his wife in the background. He said his dad started the restaurant and passed it on to him. He was a charming man and so kind. Later I went inside to hear actors Regina Hall and Lance Gross talk about their careers and dream roles in film. It was a pleasant evening and the food was good. Check out a few snaps and thanks to Verizon Wireless for the experience and intruding me to Dooky Chase’s and thanks for the hot spot that was gifted to me!


Verizon Exec, Actors Lance Gross and Regina Hall







images by Chris Mitchell

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