Victoria’s Secret Tease Crème Cloud Eau de Parfum


Oh my gosh you guys! I got a surprise package today from Victoria’s Secret and I was so happy! They sent me their latest fragrance called, Tease Crème Cloud and I’m totally obsessed! It smells divine and I’m putting you on to it before its sold out! My girlfriend just ordered some as well because she smelled mine and fell in love! If you like a hint of floral, coconut, musk smell then you will love this eau de perfume. Read more about it inside and a video clip….

Soft & dreamy. Light-as-air sweetness floats on a cloud of sheer warmth.
Introducing a new sister for the iconic Tease fragrance: Tease Crème Cloud.

The fragrance starts with a creamy, light-as-air sweetness: whipped Vanilla Meringue. Then it opens up to a luminous floral heart of exotic Santal Flower—the rare bloom of the Sandalwood tree. At the base, glowing sheer Amber and a bare skin accord add warmth that softly floats on skin. Whimsical and dreamy, it’s a delicious cloud floating through the sky.

From the Perfumer
“In developing this fragrance, I played with texture. At the top, whipped Vanilla Meringue adds a creamy kiss of light-as-air sweetness. It’s wrapped in a cloud of soft Amber for a signature that floats on the essence of your own skin.” — Master Perfumer, Stephen Nilsen

Ingredient Spotlight
VANILLA MERINGUE: This soft, fluffy note combines the warmth of vanilla with the weightless, creamy-sweetness of meringue. Think: a sugar-coated cloud.

SANTAL FLOWER: Sourced from the Sandalwood, one of the most expensive trees in the world, this creamy white flower adds an exotic, luminous feel.

SHEER AMBER: Often referred to as liquid gold, this version of the note adds a lingering warmth entwined with soft, dreamy nuances of musk.

The Fragrance Collection:

EAU DE PARFUM, 1.7 oz. $58, 3.4 oz. $78
FINE FRAGRANCE MIST, 2.5 oz. $15, 8.4 oz. $25
BATH CRYSTALS, 10.5 oz. $30

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