Vivica A. Fox Reveals That She Would Give 50 Cent Another Shot At Love On ‘Sherri’

This morning, Talk show host Sherri Shepherd sat down with Actress Vivica A. Fox, who is hosting the inaugural Broadway and New York Theatre Gift Lounge this week. The actress and director addressed the diss Rapper 50 Cent made toward her BET+ movie, “First Lady of BMF: The Tonesa Welch Story,” saying she “ … took it as a compliment … that was his way of showing support.” Vivica A. Fox also revealed that she’d still give him [50 Cent] a second shot at love 13 years later. She still loves him, wow girl you might want to move on lol! More inside…

Sherri: Would you ever think about getting back together with Mr. Curtis Jackson?

Vivica A. Fox: Well,  Ben and Jen did it. Why not?

Sherri: Because the way he said your name, there’s still some feeling and fire there. And this is good because you’re single. And you’re very open. What kind of man are you looking for, Vivica?

Vivica A. Fox: I’m looking for a partner [I’m straight you all]. People will run with that.

Sherri: Hell, when I saw you I wanted to run with it.

Vivica A. Fox: [Sherri, I never saw this side of you]. A good partner. Someone’s that’s fun. Has their own identity. Their own career. Their own money. We ain’t doing that. I’m not trying to be a sugar mama.

Sherri: It sounds like Curtis – Curtis Jackson.

Vivica A. Fox: Y’all, is she trying to make a re-love connection or what?

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