Wardrobe Breakdown: Beckerman Twins At New York Fashion Week


The Beckerman Twins Cailli and Sam were at New York Fashion Week having a blast. I didn’t attend this season because quite frankly I’m over it! I don’t really like the way its ran now since Mercedes Benz pulled out, its all over the place and unorganized. I also don’t like the new set up, the dusty building it takes place at and I can go on and on. So I opted out and watched some of my favorite fashion designers shows online.

What is really cool is that some of my favorite brands sent me images anyway of their backstage and runway shows, so I didn’t have to be there physically anyway lol. I might consider going in September, I will see though. Anyway these cute and fashionable twins stay very stylist and on trend and I met them a few times, they are so bubbly! I loved their looks during the shows this season. I have the deets on their cute looks inside… Happy Saturday! 


The Beckerman Twins wore Moschino Spring 2016 from head to toe, loved it and I’m here for it!


Love the Moschino accessories and those hard hats with lace trim, so cute! Those purses were adorable too and patent leather boots.


Moschino Spring 2016


Images via Beckerman Blog/Vogue

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