Wardrobe Breakdown: Beyonce at Beychella

Did you guys catch Beyonce at Coachella on Saturday night! I can NOT believe that I stayed up that late watching the live stream on YouTube, she SLAYED that performance and everyone else needed to just pack up and go home because to be honest, how do you perform at her, really? I would have been totally intimidated but the show must go on I guess lol. After her star performance like the true talent she is, everyone blew up social media talking about it, I got my life I know that, I was up in my jammies dancing my heart out lol.

Beyonce paid homage to historical black colleges and universities by having a full marching band and wearing her very own custom black Greek letter organization custom made by Balmain, you better do it B! She also brought out her sister Solange, hubby Jay Z and the girls from Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Check out one of my favorite looks on her during her performance inside…

Beyonce in custom Balmain and Christian Louboutin fringe boots, yes!

Images via Instagram and Twitter


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