Wardrobe Breakdown: CAITRIONA BALFE On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Caitriona stopped my Jimmy Kimmel Live. She chatted about attending the SAG awards, her 11-year-old Belfast co-star Jude Hill meeting a bunch of celebrities, the first famous person she was excited to meet, the song Everlasting Love having a resurgence because of the movie, getting a video from the students at the school she went to, being a bit of a troublemaker in school, Americans celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, and fans of her show “Outlander” planting trees for her birthday. That was a lot but let’s talk about that red sequins dress she was wearing, yes mam! I have the details on what she wore on the show inside, it was quite a showstopper!

CAITRIONA BALFE was wearing a sequins Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini Pre-Fall 2022 dress


(Pics by ABC/Randy Holmes)

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