Wardrobe Breakdown: Christina Milian On The Boris & Nicole Show

Christina Milian boris and nicole show

For those of you that can, have you guys been watching The Boris and Nicole Show? I have to be honest and say that I do like them as a couple but they need to stick to acting, just saying. Its been painful to watch these two and here in Atlanta, they air at a horrible time(1pm) and its almost like the network set them up for failure. Still people don’t know who they are unfortunately. They also have NO chemistry together on tv and it shows. I bet its really hard to sit there for an hour trying to think of clever things to say! NO mam!

I chatted with a few friends that have checked it out too and they all said the same thing, that their show is very boring! If this gets picked up, I want to know how or who paid the network off lol. Everything is not for everybody and I just don’t think this daytime talk show will last, sorry to say. There could be a miracle though because I said that about The Real and they are back so….Ice and Coco airs August 3rd here in Atlanta on Fox 5 too. I can’t wait to check that out as well. Anywoo, Christina Milian was on their show a few days ago and I have the deets on what she was wearing, check it out inside! 

Christina Milian boris and nicole show

On the show Christina Milian wore a two-piece white dress from Elisabetta Franchi. Her white “Pop” pumps are by Alberto Guardiani. She looks fabulous, I must say!

Christina Milian boris and nicole show

christina milian on the boris and nicole show

Elisbetta Franchi Spring 2015 Collection



Alberto guardiani

If you can sit through this, you can check out the full episode here…

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4 thoughts on “Wardrobe Breakdown: Christina Milian On The Boris & Nicole Show

  1. I have not seen the show.

    I like the premise of the show but don’t think I want to see them as hosts.

    While they are hot as a couple I don’t know if them as hosts is a good fit.The idea seems awkward. I will DVR one episode and then form an opinion.

  2. BORING is not a strong enough word for how YAWNING the show is. They seem so awkward together. They may be ok actors….and should stick with that. Also THE REAL is trying too hard to be provocative.
    Not my cup of tea…especially that Tamar!

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