Wardrobe Breakdown: Daisy Ridley Black Latex Dress At Disney’s ‘Young Woman And The Sea’ Screening In London

The cast and filmmakers from “Young Woman and the Sea” reunited at London’s Curzon Mayfair Theatre earlier this evening for the U.K.’s gala screening event hosted by popular radio presenter Anna Whitehouse. In attendance were cast members Daisy Ridley, Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Kim Bodnia, Jeanette Hain, and Sian Clifford, director/executive producer Joachim Rønning, writer/producer Jeff Nathanson, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and composer Amelia Warner. “Young Woman and the Sea,” the extraordinary true story of Trudy Ederle, the first woman to successfully swim the English Channel, opens in theaters May 31.

Daisy Ridley stars as the accomplished swimmer who was born to immigrant parents in New York City in 1905. Through the steadfast support of her older sister and supportive trainers, she overcame adversity and the animosity of a patriarchal society to rise through the ranks of the Olympic swimming team and complete the staggering achievement – a 21-mile trek from France to England. “Young Woman and the Sea,” which also stars Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Stephen Graham, Kim Bodnia, Christopher Eccleston, Jeanette Hain, Sian Clifford, and Glenn Fleshler, is directed by Joachim Ronning and written by Jeff Nathanson, based on the book “Young Woman and the Sea: How Trudy Ederle Conquered the English Channel and Inspired the World” by Glenn Stout. The producers are Jerry Bruckheimer, Chad Oman, and Jeff Nathanson, with John G. Scotti, Daisy Ridley, and Joachim Rønning serving as executive producers.

For the red carpet, Actress Daisy Ridley wore a black latex dress for the red carpet in the U.K. The sleek hairstyle and minimal accessories were a perfect look! I didn’t understand the white shoes but it did make the outfit pop just a bit! I know one thing, she would have been sweating bullets here in Atlanta because its hot as heck but over across the pond, the temperature is a bit milder lol. The dress featured a deep-V neckline, with puffed shoulders up top and a traditionally cut pleated skirt.

See more photos and the designer of her dress inside…

Siobhan-Marie O’Connor and Daisy Ridley

Daisy was wearing a black latex Atsuko Kudo dress, cute!




(Photos by StillMoving.Net for Disney)


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