Wardrobe Breakdown: Erykah Badu At ‘Black Girls Rock’

erykah badu

I really enjoyed the look and strategic styling of singer Erykah Badu’s outfit at the Black Girls Rock event last weekend. She killed this look and only she could pull off such style like this. Although it looks very thrown together an all over the place, oh but I digress….


This beauty wore a designer graffiti coat by Donna Karan from the Spring 2015 collection. I’m sure if Erykah was walking down the street, you would swear she was a hobo or homeless person if you didn’t recognize her lol. This entire outfit was pretty expensive though and took a lot of time to style. I love the total look from head to toe. xoxo

erykah badu

erykah badu

Donna Karan Spring 2015

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