Wardrobe Breakdown: Gwen Stefani On The Voice

Gwen Stefani was extra sparkly the other day on The Voice! The episode “Live Top 10”.You guys know I LOVE her style and her personality and she just gives the show that extra pop to me! She took a few minutes to pose with contestants Hunter Plake and Brennely Brown who’s in the top 10, congrats to them! Have you guys ever watched an episode of The Voice? I hear that American Idol is coming back next year and I have NEVER tuned in, not too much of a fan of singing shows, oh well lol. I have details on what she wore inside and more pics….

Alicia Keys and Gwen. Gwen is wearing an Alice + Olivia embellished sparkly midi-dress, so fabulous!

(Photos by: Trae Patton/NBC)

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2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Breakdown: Gwen Stefani On The Voice

  1. I like Gwen’s dress. That headpiece and earrings are very cute. I don’t know that I would pair it with the dress, but I really do like it.

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