Wardrobe Breakdown: Jennifer Lopez At Billboard Music Awards

Jennifer Lopez is one of my favorite fashionista out today! She always brings the heat and changes her look up quite often! She even changes her hair from long to short often. I loved her big curly high ponytail that she wore about a month ago, everyone online was copying that look! She had a bit of controversy though when she wore this Fall look out in Las Vegas a few days ago.

Everyone was so confused as to why she would wear such an outfit in the hot weather but I guess she was trying to stay on trend since this outfit hasn’t even hit stores yet, who knows! I didn’t like it at all, thought it was a bit stuffy for the Billboard Music Awards, she should have worn something more light and airy but hey, you never know what her style team was thinking, more pics and what designer she was wearing inside…

J. Lo attended the 2018 in a Roberto Cavalli ensemble, do you love it?

Photos by: Brian Friedman/NBC)

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