Wardrobe Breakdown: KeKe Palmer As Bride Of Frankenstein

You can really tell that Actress, Comedian and new mommy, KeKe Palmer is having a blast with motherhood! She recently posted on the gram images of her and her adorable baby boy Leodis Andrellton Jackson first Halloween with a sweet photoshoot. What was the theme this year? It was the 1935 film The Bride of Frankenstein and they both nailed it lol! Baby Leo understood the assignment!

Bride of Frankenstein Synopsis

The Monster wants his creator to build him a friend; and Pretorius wants to see dead tissue become a living woman. Henry is forced to give his creature a bride. Henry and Pretorius succeed in following the creation of Man with the creation of Woman (Elsa Lanchester again).

The Bride of Frankenstein meanwhile is an iconic film, albeit an unfaithful one rooted in a singular subplot of the original 1818 novel. The film was initially subject to censorship under the Hays Code of 1934-1938 but has since then become a cult classic.

The film is replete with themes of reproduction, fertility, and the Christian conception of creation as well as themes of monstrosity and horror, making it an ideal option for the Halloween celebration.

In her caption she said that, “He gave me LIFE”. These photos are insanely cute and these images bring back so much memories of when my kids were small and how I would go out of control with theme parties, gatherings, holiday photos and more! Many people have different views on holidays, but its all in fun and I love it, it brings the family together and they create memories.

My grandson and I had a photoshoot yesterday afternoon, he always comes up with the theme of the costumes we will wear and this year’s outfits are pretty fun! Please stop back tomorrow to see what we came up with this year, its pretty dope! See more photos inside of KeKe and what designer she was wearing for her shoot….

KeKe was wearing a Michael Costello gown, Agent Privateer corset, busted brand latex gloves and Marc Jacobs boots, styled by Seth Chernoff, cute!



Images by JPW Photo

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