Wardrobe Breakdown: Lori Harvey At Micheal B. Jordan’s Premiere

Congratulations goes out to Michael B. Jordon. Over the weekend he held his premiere of his movie, Without Remorse at him luxurious home in California. In the movie Michael portrays a navy seal who uncovers an internal conspiracy, while seeking justice for the murder of his pregnant wife. Both him and his boo Lori Harvey, slayed for the Gawds in designer duds for the star-studded intimate occasion.

I really loved Michael’s sleek modern double-breasted suit and Lori wore a dazzling sparkly gold gown that was perfect for a Hollywood night overlooking the stars! Jason Bolden styled both of them and I have more images and what they were wearing inside, I pray that you have a safe week out here!

Both Lori and Michael were wearing custom Prada ensembles styled by Jason Bolden, STUNNING!


Images by Blair Caldwell

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