Wardrobe Breakdown: Marlo Hampton’s 46th Birthday

Happy 46th Birthday goes out to Reality Star and Fashionista Marlo Hampton! She looked like she was in good spirits as she posed it up for the “gram” to celebrate her big day! Where are all my Aquarius folks at? I’ve been knowing Marlo for quite sometime now and I remember my blog went bananas when I was the first to break the news that she was going to be the latest addition to The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

I will never forget her showing up at Cynthia Bailey’s fashion event at Chandlers Park in Atlanta in a Gucci outfit fresh off the runway and I knew she was going to be a diva then! I stopped her walking in and took lots of photos of her. She was very sweet too. I blogged about her fashionable look and it went viral!

Sure enough, when the show aired, she was a friend on the most watched reality show. Finally, Marlo has her very own peach now! Congrats to this diva and many blessings to her. For Marlo’s birthday, she opted out for a bubble gum pink two-piece set and matching heel boots and headband. Loved her Pinkalicious look, it’s so girly! She always brings the fashions and doesn’t disappoint. I have further details on what she wore inside…

Marlo was wearing Balmain X Barbie from head to toe, cute!


Images via Instagram

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