Wardrobe Breakdown: Megan The Stallion On SNL

Megan the Stallion made an appearance on Saturday Night Live’s season premiere over the weekend. Since the ruling of Breonna Taylor, Megans first song she performed showed a backdrop of her set reading, “Protect Black Women”. As we all know she was also shot in the feet last month. She sang “Savage” with little movement, some critics said her performance seemed a bit off but it was surely because of her feet I’m sure. Later she was quoted as saying….”We need to protect our Black women. And love our Black women ’cause at the end of the day, we need our Black women.” She had a few wardrobe changes throughout the show, I have the details on her zebra print bodysuit and coat she wore inside with a video clip, check it out! Have a great day and stay safe out there! 

Megan wore a custom Zebra print Venus Prototype Latex  bodysuit and jacket styled and designed by Brookelyn Styles


(Photos by: Rosalind O’Connor/NBC), Instagram

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