Wardrobe Breakdown: Monica Brown Poolside

I love the relationship that Singer Monica Brown has with her daughter Laiyah! They remind me of me and my daughter Dootie, she is so cute with a huge pretty smile! They were having a lot of fun in the sun posed up in their swimsuits and I have the details on what Monica wore, I loved it! She revealed that she still has not learned to swim and I find that very shocking lol. I took swimming in high school, it was a requirement. I can swim like a fish but I hate doing my hair afterwards, thats why I just lay out by the pool now.

I also love to dive off the high diving board but I cut that out years ago. Yep, I’m a bit of a dare devil but both of my kids swim like fish and I got them swimming lessons when they were both toddlers back in Cleveland. Dootie went on to join the swim team in Dacula, Ga in middle school and did pretty good winning a few medals. More pics inside, Happy Friday everyone. 

Monica was wearing a Puma X Sophia Webster Gradient Zipped Swimsuit, cuteness!

Images via Instagram

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2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Breakdown: Monica Brown Poolside

  1. They are both cute. A mother daughter bond is something so special. I really do like the one piece. Now to do some squats.

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