Wardrobe Breakdown: Monica On Instagram, Turns 40

Shout out to Singer Monica, she turned the ripe ol’ age of 40 on Saturday, October 24th! You guys know her from all her hit songs and I can’t think of one of my favorites right now but let me google real quick! Oh wait, one of my favorite song is….”Why I Love You So Much”, all-time fav love songs and I know all the words lol. I met Monica when I first moved here back in 2005 and she was the sweetest when I finally met her.

I started to see her out more and more and she even invited me to her baby shower for her first son Romelo. Then later on, I attended her kids birthday parties etc, so we go way back for sure! I have ALWAYS loved her style too! She knows her angles and wears fashion very well! She has legs for days too and always have been spotted in designer thigh- high boots, like pictured here! I have details on what she was wearing inside, be safe guys and love yah Monica!

Monica was wearing RafSimons wool coat and Balenciaga thigh high boots, cute!


Images by Instagram/Cyndiibee

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