Wardrobe Breakdown: North West Headed To Dance Class

North West

How cute is baby North West! She was spotted headed to ballet class when the paparazzi swarmed her. The 20-month-old had something to say to them all though, which was too cute for words! She is so cute to me and she was sporting her iconic double-breasted designer blazer with custom tutu too! 


Baby North West told the paps, “I said no pictures” as she sashayed inside the studio with her nanny lol. I would have said that too, how annoying it must be to have all those people pointing cameras in your face. She was wearing a Balmain double-breasted blazer and tutu with ballet slippers, awh love her! Check out the video below!


Images via Tumblr

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One thought on “Wardrobe Breakdown: North West Headed To Dance Class

  1. She’s a cutie. That vest is cute too.

    While they can definitely keep her life private, this footage is so cute.

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