Wardrobe Breakdown: Quad Webb Lunceford On Watch What Happens Live


Last night (if you were up) lol, reality stars Quad Lunceford Webb and Sheree Whitfield made an appearance in the clubhouse on Watch What Happens Live. I loved Quad’s look, it was very her and sparkly indeed! I didn’t get to catch all that they ladies were talking about but this morning I saw that the ladies seemed to have a great time! I never knew that Sheree and Quad were so chummy. I also don’t know why Andy kept being messy asking Quad about Lisa Nicole most of the time but whatever. Quad seemed like she was over it by her body language lol. I have details on what she wore inside…



Quad was wearing a Herve Leger BETHANY SEQUINED JUMPSUIT, very cute.


Images via NBC Universal

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