Wardrobe Breakdown: Sanaa Lathan Black Strapless Ruffle Gown At Young Wild Free Premiere In Hollywood

Actress Sanaa Lathan attended BET+ “Young. Wild. Free.” Los Angeles Premiere at DGA Theater Complex on June 25, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.

The Love & Basketball starlet wore a legance strapless ruffle-trim gown that is a masterclass in sculptural design, evoking a sense of dramatic elegance and sophisticated allure. The gown features a sleek, strapless bodice that transitions seamlessly into a captivating skirt embellished with ruffle details. This design creates a striking silhouette that commands attention, making it an ideal choice for high-profile events and elegant evenings.

Further enhancing its unique appeal, the gown includes a detachable underskirt, which adds a layer of versatility and customization. The underskirt allows the wearer to alter the gown’s look depending on the occasion, effortlessly shifting from a more understated elegance to a more dramatic, fashion-forward statement. This feature, combined with the gown’s meticulous design, underscores Greta Constantine’s commitment to luxury and innovation in fashion.

I would wear this look to a movie premiere, red carpet affair, or elegant dinner party. See more photos inside and the designer of her outfit too…

Sanaa was wearing a Greta Constantine legance strapless ruffle trim gown, gorgeous



(Photos by Robin L Marshall/Getty Images for BET+)

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