Wardrobe Breakdown: Singer Monica In Italy

Singer Monica is over in Italy this week. I don’t know if she has to do a concert or if she was in the country for a fashion show but whatever she was doing she looked damn good! She did an impromptu mini photoshoot on a water limousine lol. I know that’s right Monica, live it up and do it right!

The classic wooden motorboats, known locally as a motoscafo, radiate luxury with their leather upholstered seating, private drivers and open-air seating to the rear allowing a unique view of the city as you arrive. Sounds so posh doesn’t it? I want to do this one day and it’s on my bucket list! That damn trench coat is fire and those matching knee-high boots that her and Mary J Blige is known for! See more luxurious photos inside and the designer of her outfit…..

Monica was wearing Dolce & Gabbana that is so fitting since she is in Italy lol! Styled by No IG Jeremy


Images via Instagram/CyndiiBee

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