Wardrobe Breakdown: Tatiana Maslany At The ‘She-Hulk Attorney At Law’ Premiere

Let’s see here. My mom always told me if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say anything at all but I digress lol! I am NOT a fan of this look at all on Actress Tatiana Maslany. Other fashion critics online agreed with me as well. I do NOT understand the need of the gloves too! It was overkill for me but who am I lol. Maslany hit up the purple carpet in Los Angeles for the She Hulk Attorney At Law premiere, she is also the star of the Marvel Studios series.

She wore a black leather top and skirt with matching gloves for the occasion. Maybe her stylist was going with the whole tough look, I’m not sure but I would have went for a more softer look and glam if I was the star of a movie. I also think she need more makeup and accessories. As much as I frown down on accessories this look definitely needed more pizazz to complete this look and another hairdo. I have details on what she was wearing inside, take a peek and more photos!

Tatiana was wearing a Rosetta Getty Top and Skirt from the Pre-Fall 2022 Collection


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