Wardrobe Breakdown: ‘The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City’ Reunion Season 2

I’m so confused but I’m going to try to get through this, I really am! I don’t even watch reality tv that much but I do take a peek at all the fashions with the girls for their reunion show looks. I just don’t understand why these ladies didn’t reach out to The Real Housewives of Atlanta for their glam squads because baby, these looks left me frozen, pun intended lol.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City tried their best to pull out their very best jewel-toned frocks which was the theme of the reunion show but it just fell flat! From the makeup, to the hair, to the poor choices in wardrobe, I just don’t get their looks and these women are supposed to be wealthy? All that money but NO real fashion sense in Utah?

We have the best modern technology nowadays and you can’t FaceTime anyone to help you outside of that Park City Utah city? Maybe the internet don’t work so well up there in them mountains, I have NO clue lol! I don’t really talk bad about folks on my blog, I try my best to stay away from negativity but you guys be the judge of these looks inside, my head hurts, I’m going to go lay back down and enjoy our snow we got yesterday lol. This show will air Sunday, February 27 (9-10 p.m. ET), Sunday March 6 and 13th on Bravo (8-9 p.m. ET). Enjoy the looks inside and if you have a favorite look, chime in….

Jen Shah wearing Jean-Louis Sabaji, earrings Balenciaga, rings, Baranof Jewelers, shoes Giuseppe Zanotti  styled by Katie Peare.  I have NO words for this look, I mean NONE! Okay, I digress lol! It’s giving me Moulin Rouge/Broadway musical.

Lisa Barlow wearing a 16 Arlington dress and Christian Louboutin sandals, why does this look remind me of something on She In website, I can not!

Meredith Marks wearing a blue suit, lawd! It’s giving Bravo’s Project Runway season 1!

Heather Gay wearing Alexandre Vauthier gown, its giving mother-of-the-bride winter edition!

Jennie Nguyễn wearing a blue sequins gown, she looks pretty but I can’t stop thinking of Disney On Ice, Frozen ice skater girl!

Whitney Rose wearing Lia Stublla shoes by Mach and Mach, J Brooks Jewelry. I don’t understand wearing the one long glove and the hairstyle should have been worn with a totally different dress! She looks decent.


(Photos by: Nicole Weinagart/Bravo)

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