Wendy Williams Documentary Stirs Controversy

E! News co-host Justin Sylvester joined Hoda & Jenna today to share the latest Hollywood headlines, including the new Wendy Williams documentary that is stirring controversy. As we all know Lifetime released a new documentary about former talk show host Wendy Williams. In the film, they said that she has been diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal demential(FTD).

Where is Wendy Williams? is a follow-up to her 2021 documentary “Wendy Williams: What A Mess“. Later that year Williams also Executive Produced, “Wendy Williams: The Movie“. In the new documentary its very creepy and Wendy is clearly in NO shape or in the right state of mind to be doing anything on film! It’s really sad that people take advantage of others! Who even green-lighted this project? I blame her ex husband Kevin who sent her spiraling out of control!

Don’t they have enough documentaries on her already? They should be worried about getting the right treatment for her and making sure that she is safe and in good care! The Executives over at Lifetime didn’t sent out advance screenings because they knew this was a dumpster fire from the beginning! Sad what people will do for money! See what the Today show had to say about this latest film inside…

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