What A Difference A Year Makes, Revisiting The Country Club Of The South

It’s such a great feeling when you have good friends that care about your well being and invite you out to get away from crazy things going on in life! That’s what happened yesterday afternoon as I sat at home working and got a text message by friend Jonathan Reid asking me if I wanted to hang out at his country club. He thought it would be a good idea to help me clear my mind and I appreciated that. He had read a previous post of mine where I shared that my therapist Dr. Lawson suggested I get out and get some sun in my face!

I was excited to oblige and I did just that! It was hot as heck outdoors, reaching almost 98 degrees but it was well worth it to hang out. One I arrived, Jonathan pointed out that yesterday was the exact same day from a year ago that we first met at The Country Club of the South! I had no idea until he pulled out his phone and it popped up in his memories lol. That was pretty cool and it was great to revisit the club.

We sat down, had some lunch, took a few snaps of the greens and had a meaningful conversation. We thought it would be fun to take photos in the same exact spot as last year lol. We laughed and had such a nice time enjoying the warm weather and ambiance. During hard times in life, it’s good to have friends that reach out to you and help pull you out of depression!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not down in the dumps by no means, I’m feeling pretty good but it’s nice to know I have friends that I can count on when I have my days. See more pictures of this beautiful golf course inside and all the fun we had, till next time!

Bartender Melissa, hey girl!

Yummy burger, so good!

The Country Club of The South

4110 Old Alabama

Johns Creek, Ga 30022



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