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Barefoot Wine Gift Basket

I received a gift basket yesterday from Barefoot Wine from my friend Derek from South Beach, Florida yesterday. I was so happy to get the items for my birthday party coming up in Tybee Island. In the wine basket I had 2 cd’s. One was Sade’s newest cd Soldier of  Love and also Raheem Devaughn’s new album Love and War the Masterpiece . I remember listening to him live at the Moet brunch about a month ago. He is very talented artist. I love his voice.

Yesterday I was sitting in my friend’s car and I was listening to Micheal Baisdens show, when he played Raheem’s song, “Guess who loves you more”. I think thats from a previous album but my friend and I was like, “wow I like that”. I then thought to myself, ooh I have his new cd in my basket, woot!

I came home and popped it in and I must say I really like it!  I am not a huge music person but I must say I really enjoyed listening to his cd. I have cracked open Sade’s cd but did see her last night perform on Dancing with the Stars. She hasn’t aged a bit. If you love neo soul type music, you will love Raheem’s cd, he is the truth!


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