What To Wear: Church Service

what to wear

Headed to church tomorrow for worship? I have the perfect outfit you can wear or get some inspiration from. I use to sit in church every single Sunday when I was a youngster and I would be in awh looking at the outfits that the ladies would wear. Some would be dressed like they were headed to the club right afterwards while others looked like they were going to a wedding reception, it was so fun to watch lol. Its always best to keep it very simple when going to church. All you need is a pretty dress, a nice pair of heels, stockings and purse. I am STILL very uncomfortable wearing pants to any church, I’m just ol’school like that and find it very disrespectful, hey that’s just me.

I remember when I was a teenager and you had to wear stockings or hose with any dress. If you had a run in your stockings, your mom or relative would get so angered because they usually had to stop and run into a local store and pick you up a pair to wear because God forbid you step inside the church bare leg lol. Now things have changed so much and I dont think I own any stockings but a few pair of tights lol. Check out this cute look inside and say a prayer for me tomorrow when you attend…Amen! xoxo

What to wear to church service

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