What To Wear: Purses To Carry For An Elegant Event

I’ve seen this look out time and time again lol. Women going to elegant affairs carrying these dreadful pocketbooks that does match anything they are wearing, why oh why I ask myself! The word “pocketbook” is an old term used in my grannies day that means handbags but that’s exactly what they look like and they can make or break your outfit! I don’t know if some women have a fear of leaving something behind, but I have a few suggestions if you just have to have everything and the kitchen sink with you when you’re headed out to an elegant affair plus how to make your outfit look more appeasable to the eye! 

Carry your big purse with you but LEAVE it in the car(trunk). Have a smaller prettier clutch purse with you to carry a tube of lipstick, car keys, i.d. and cash/credit card. Trust me thats all you need!

Look for a clutch or small purse at any department store, second hand store or thrift store. They have so many selections to choose from and they hardly cost that much.

When you know you are going out to an elegant affair, wedding, birthday celebration, it is NEVER a good idea to carry any type of handbag with straps, it just doesn’t look pretty. You want a total posh look. Unless it has a pretty chain or something like that don’t bother.

You can find really great evening clutch purses after the holidays especially Christmas & New Years, they have great discounts on them at that time.

For evening bags, make sure to have silver and gold colored clutch purses in your closet. These two colors are sure to go with any outfit you wear and shoes.

What To Wear: Purses To Carry For A Wedding


Sophie Hulme tote bag

Silver handbag
$125 – number-22.co.uk

Rhinestone purse
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