What’s Behind The Return Of Traditional Gender Roles? Trad Wives Weigh In

Tamron Hall is talking about the “trad wives” movement taking over social media in this episode. We’re exploring what’s behind the return to traditional gender roles in relationships. Tamron dived into the conversation that has the internet divided. We meet two “trad wives” Alexia Delarosa, of San Diego CA., and Melissa Blancarte, from Raleigh, NC. They take us inside their lives as homemakers and why they love it.

Later Erica McDowell is a stay-at-home girlfriend and trad wife in training, also joined the conversation. The women took us inside their lives as homemakers and why they love it. She met two ex-trad wives Jennie Gage, a former trad wife of 24 years, and Enitza Templeton, who described her former marriage as unfulfilling and controlling. This is a hot topic you don’t want to miss!

NYT best-selling author Laura Doyle shares her thoughts on the topic reflected in her 2001 novel “The Surrendered Wife” and tells us about her latest book. Author, podcast creator, and journalist Jo Piazza also joined, presenting more valid points-of-view on this controversial topic. See more inside and a video clip…



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