Baby Legend Turns 1 Week Old

I can’t believe just a week ago, my grandson Baby Legend was born! He is officially a week old now! Wow, does time fly right? He is adapting to this world nicely and just looks around at everything learning voices and face shapes. I love him so much and he makes the cutest coo sounds omg, it’s such a blessing to have him in my life!

I never thought that being a grandmother would be so rewarding! His hair is also starting to curl up and not be so slick and his face has changed a million times. He has went from looking just like dad to Dootie now.

He definitely has Doote’s skin complexion but we didn’t know what he was going to look like because everyone is so mixed up lol. Jordon family is Haitian and Dootie’s dad is mixed then you have my side that has some Cherokee Indian in there. That’s where our high cheekbones come from lol. But just wanted to blog a bit about him turning 1 week and enjoy a few snaps inside! 

Hi Grandmas Baby!

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