10 Fun Things You Can Do Without Leaving The Comfort Of Your Home

Hey there, are you going stir crazy yet? No just kidding but boy have I become bored just sitting in the house cooking, cleaning, washing and organizing everything lol! I can’t wait to till Goodwill reopens so that I can drop off tons of old things I have that was just taking up space for no reason. I hate clutter and always get rid of things constantly.

You can call me a minimalist. That’s when I got to thinking about some fun things that you can do without leaving the comfort of your home. I have compiled a list for you (with links) to enjoy with things that you may have not thought to do or that will keep you quite busy, hope you enjoy more inside..

  • Write Thank You notes to deserving family & friends. I do this all the time and you have no idea how much people love to still get handwritten notes in the mail. Love her stationery here
  • Make a homemade pizza. So easy to put together and the family will love it click here
  • Binge Watch Oscar Winning Movies so many on Netflix
  • Create A Blog click here
  • Make A YouTube Video
  • Make a gratitude journal, you can get a cute one here
  • Learn to paint as a hobby, I’m working on a painting now, I love these here
  • Make homemade baked goods, great recipes here
  • Organize and clean out your closets, donate to Goodwill
  • Make a grazing board for your boo or family click here





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