Recipe: Easy, Yummy Grazing Board

Hello guys, I hope you’re all well! I was on social media a couple months back and saw fellow blogger and friend Tatanisha of This Worthey Life share photos and a recipe from her and her husband making a grazing board for a football game. I thought it was such a great idea!

I thought yesterday to recreate a similar looking one for my boo. He works so hard and fortunately, he is still able to work during this pandemic because he works alone away from other people. I wanted to surprise him when he came home from work. Some people call “grazing boards” “charcuterie boards” but whatever you want to call them, it’s just savory and sweet foods added to a board/tray and you just display it so beautifully. I have a friend who’s a chef that uses a slab of broken granite but you can use anything that’s big enough to hold food. I think a decorative basket would be pretty too for an outdoor picnic. Look for uniquely shaped display boards. You can be as creative as you want to.

I went to my local grocery store bought veggies, fruits, wings and put a cute grazing board together. I wanted to share this quick lil recipe with you! It literally took minutes to make and my sweetie was smiling ear to ear when he saw it! Check it out inside plus a video to show you how to do one as well, enjoy! 

Products Used:

  • Red Grapes for garnish and color
  • Veggies, loved the pops of color
  • Chicken Wings, store bought from grocery store I used 2 flavors, bbq and lemon pepper.
  • Olives & Pickles from a jar
  • Ranch dressing
  • I cut up 2 potatoes and made homemade french fries
  • I made Mexican corn that had a lot of flavor! I also bought Feta cheese to add, yum!
  • Romaine lettuce for garnish

That’s pretty much it guys and after making and arranging it on a pretty tray, I placed in fridge to chill. The wings, potatoes and corn I kept in the oven to stay warm before adding. We had a fun picnic in the living room and watched the new season of Ozark on Netflix. Such a great date night! xoxo

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