11 Easy & Quick Natural Hairstyles


Hey guys for those of you that have natural hair, you may be looking for some new hairdos to wear. I saw this really cool video on Buzzfeed where they created 11 simple, fun and stylish hairstyles! This works for those that are on the go, trying to get to work, school or perhaps to an event. The video is cool to watch and even I got some ideas when I am rushing out the door and in a hurry. Check out the video inside! 

11 Hairstyles:


Pineapple(My Favorite)

Knotted Scarf Updo

Side Sweep

Pony + Side Bangs

Messy Half-Updo

Front Bump + Pull Back

Curl Hawk

Smoothed Pouf

Classic Curly Pony

Front Bump Pony

Side-Part Afro

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