2nd Season of What Chilli Wants

Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas is back for a 2nd season on VH1’s What Chilli Wants. OMG, I just new that the guy she dated and seemed to be flabbergasted about would be the one on Season 1 but I guess it didn’t work out. That pesky “friend” of hers boxer, Floyd Mayweather seems to be back to cock block and make her confused again,geesh! Chilli girl he has to go! When I interviewed Floyd last season, I asked him what was up with them too and he just couldn’t answer the question with a straight face! You know you like Chilli but you got some issues back home in Las Vegas that you need to straightened out first! I think they would make a great couple though! Chilli and her feisty side kick take it on the road this season by heading to the Big Apple,then all the way south to Miami. Her biological clock is ticking because she wants to marry and have another baby soon! I hope she finds the right guy this time around because her options are looking pretty good this season, clinching pearls!

The new season airs Sunday, January 2nd at 9:30pm on Vh1, I will be tuned in.Shout out to Christal Jordan/Enchanted PR for the deets!

Check out the latest trailer!

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