My Style: Activewear From Lane Bryant


Its that time of year when everyone is trying to be “bikini ready” but I’m not trying to wear a bikini all like that but I am trying to tone up and get my heart rate up which sucks right now! And to think, I used to be an aerobic instructor back in the day…ha! I have fell off miserably but there is always time to change my lazy habits and get back out there lol.

My husband is in town for a week and he’s on this whole new health kick and Terrell has loss over 90 lbs! Now he bugs the heck outta me to go walk with him and exercise more. It is a new lifestyle change for us both and I really love the time we spend together walking on the trails in my neighborhood plus in the gym where we live. I appreciate him for wanting me to live my best life. So yesterday, I wore this cute workout look that was sent to me some time back from Lane Bryant. More pics and where to find inside with a bonus snapchat video of me whining during our afternoon walk outdoors lol. 


Location: My neighborhood

Hair & Makeup: Me, Pacifica Super Kale Juiced Up Shampoo & Conditioner

Top: Lane Bryant Mesh unlined convertible no-wire sport bra

Pants: Lane Bryant signature stretch yoga capri

Sneakers: Nike 

Photographer: Mr.Reed and I


lane bryant


lane bryant

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4 thoughts on “My Style: Activewear From Lane Bryant

  1. I am so routing for you!! You can do this!! I am restarting once again. We are so worth it. Keep us abreast of your progress..l need to know someone else is on this journey!

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