5 Daily Routines That Make The Best Of My Mornings

I am such the morning person! Now hit me up or try to do something with me in the evening time, I am such a grouch lol. I don’t know where this comes from but yep, I am an early riser. I feel very invigorated and ready to tackle the world! I get so much inspiration during the morning time and if the sun is shining, that really boosts my creative juices. I have a daily routine, usually up by 6 a.m. showered and probably at the grocery store by 8am. I’ve already had a few blogs posts ready to go too, yep I’m that girl. I was telling a friend the other day how I’ve been blogging for years but most of it is because of time management. She said she couldn’t keep it up and just abandoned her blog but I assured her that if she just took a few hours of her day to prioritize, she too could have kept it up. That made me put a little list together of my daily routines that gets me through the mornings and I wanted to share them with you, hope you enjoy, stay safe guys!

  • Meditation

I get up early and head to my closet and sit on the floor and just think of everything I want to do and achieve. I often think of how I can better myself, things that I can do to change. Then sometimes I just sit and pray and talk to God. I find this very relaxing.

  • Make a to-do list for the day

This helps me schedule my daily events. I am such an organizer and love to have a full schedule even if I am not going any place. Just to know what the day holds, helps me understand everything. From running errands to paying bills, shopping or whatever. A list keeps me on task.

  • Eating a healthy breakfast

This is something I am learning to do more and more. I never used to eat breakfast because I don’t really like a lot of breakfast foods but I have gotten so much better. I always have some sort of fruit like strawberries or blueberries with a muffin, yogurt or oatmeal. It gives me the energy that I need.

  • Practicing gratitude

I have a journal where I write in it daily. I put all my dreams and aspirations in it and a lot of my goals I want to achieve. I pray over it and post pictures and inspirational signs in my bathroom and closet of things that I am grateful for.

  • Get dressed up

This makes me feel so good. I already love fashion, so getting up, putting on a bit of makeup, fixing my hair and picking out a cute dress, puts me in a great mood! Especially if I am feeling down.

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