Animal Instinct

fashion to figure twt

I was headed out to a few events this weekend and had this leopard print dress hanging in my closet for quite awhile. Everytime I went to wear it somewhere, I would put it back because I was like no, I don’t think I want to wear it for that event lol. I can be very fickle when it comes to dressing but finally over the weekend, I had two events and it was perfect. I am a theme dresses so whatever is the occasion, I try to dress accordingly. It was a very bright and sunny day out and my son Pootie said mom let’s take a few pics out back by the woods, I think your pics would be great, and we did so! With the woods as my backdrop, I was feeling very animalistic! Check out more images inside and where to find my total look! Happy Monday everyone! 


fashion to figure leopard twt

twt fashion to figure leopard

fashion to figure leopard twt

fashion to figure leopard twt

fashion to figure leopard twt

Loving my new monogrammed leather clutch purse, too fab for the holiday season!

fashion to figure leopard twt

Hair & Makeup: Hair The Virgin Hair Fantasy styled by me, Makeup… Alex(M.A.C. Mall of Ga/Nordstroms)

Dress: Fashion To Figure sold out similar

Bracelets: John Wind Signature Chain Bracelet

Uber Monogrammed Leather Clutch: Gigi New York

Booties: Just Fab Pandore

Images: My son Pootie

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7 thoughts on “Animal Instinct

  1. I love the whole look. Very nice. I need to learn how to mix colors and stop going for boring black all of the time.

    What color is your lipstick?

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