5 Work From Home Clothes You Need To Wear

Because of the pandemic, working from home has become normal for many employees. As important as getting the home office ready, dressing comfortably is also important to be productive while working from home. 


Tips for a Work From Home Wardrobe

So many stores have closed during the pandemic that it can be hard to find clothes. DressBarn is a great place to find comfy clothes for women, and their online store is open for business.

You might think that when you work from home, you can wear anything, even pajamas. But there can be drawbacks to this. Don’t stay in your pajamas all day.

You should get dressed before starting work. The routine of getting dressed will get your mind geared up to have a productive day working from home.

Getting dressed before starting your workday doesn’t have to mean that you put on the same clothes as if you were going to the office. Being comfortable is important and one of the great perks of working at home.

Be careful of what you wear. Even though you will be working from home, you don’t want to wear something you wouldn’t wear in public. You never know when you might have to do a Zoom call with work.

Cozy Sweatshirts

Tops might be the most important item when working from home, especially if you expect to have any video conference calls with the office. You want to present a professional look while on the conference call.

If you wear a sweatshirt, make sure it doesn’t have some kind of slogan that would bother someone at work during a video call. If you need to present a more professional look for a video call, you can quickly change out of a sweatshirt into something more appropriate.


T-shirts are certainly comfy. If you wear a favorite T-shirt, and you have to get on a video call, you can keep an open-front cardigan sweater handy to put on. This will give you a casual appearance while still looking business-like. Add some earrings or a necklace for a nice professional touch.


Unless you stand up during video calls, you can wear whatever is most comfortable. It is still important to get your mind in the mood for work, and pajama bottoms might make you feel like going back to sleep.

Wearing bottoms that are too tight, itchy, or that have to be adjusted all of the time makes for a long day sitting at your desk. Pants with elastic waists or adjustable drawstrings like sweatpants, wide-leg pants, or pull-on chinos are very comfortable.


Leggings are comfy and versatile. Dressier than sweatpants, as comfortable as pajamas, and leggings will still get your brain engaged for a productive workday. They are great for sitting at the desk all day and work fine for those surprise video calls.

Footwear for Working at Home

During the workday, shoes can become the most uncomfortable item of clothing. So you can wear whatever you like working from home, even during a video conference. Comfortable slippers or slip-on shoes will keep your feet comfy all day long, which will help with your productivity.


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