A Dreamy Cottage

I’ve always dreamed of having a shabby chic cottage or house. When I was a young girl, I use to play house on my back porch and have tea parties with my friends. My sister use to hang out with the boys, while I would prepare cakes with my Easy Bake oven and make pink lemonade when they came back. It was fun times.

I was visiting My Shabby Streamside Studio site and fell in love with how she revamped her tiny lil cottage thats also her studio. I would loove to have a place like this to escape to and write my blogs and have an office. Actually I had an office similar but we moved. I was going to really turn it into a shabby chic office but one day I will have a space somewhat like this again. It looks so peaceful and tranquil. Enjoy the pics and Happy Sunday!

Pics by Trevor Tondro

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