Thrift shopping with Lillie Mae

Lillie Mae and I

I had a conversation with my friend (Editor in Chief of Sir Magazine)Lillie Mae about one day going thrift shopping together. She called me this morning and asked if I felt like going shopping. I’m always in the mood to thrift shop, so we headed out to some of my fav thrift stores in Buford,Ga. She says in downtown Atlanta, there thrift stores aren’t that great, so she was happy to come out here in the boonies to shop with  me.

Dresses at Goodwill Buford,Ga

When we got there, we parted ways and came back together with filled carts. Goodwill must have had a huge shipment because we both had lots of great finds. I found 2 vintage hats for 2.49 a piece and 2 dresses for 5.89. I was too excited! She found 4 skirts, shirts and belts. She is a skirt girl with a very eccentric taste, not like me. She likes dark patterned styles, while I like very girly pastel colors lol. It’s fun to see different styles that people have when you shop together lol.

Lillie’s thrift finds

She told me something that I thought was very interesting. Lillie is smaller than me but she likes to buy long skirts and pull them up like strapless dresses and belts them. She finds elastic waist skirts and makes tunics. I thought that was a great styling tip! I would have never thought to do that lol.

We then came out of the dressing rooms smiling! All of my things fit and she was excited that all of her things fit too. She showed me her look with the skirt belted and it was really cute!

Pyscho Sisters in Lil 5 Points

She then asked me if I had ever visited Lil 5 points. I said I had drove threw there but never really stopped to shop. We headed that way and I saw some fab things down there! That area reminds me of The Village in NYC. I must say though, it is pricey compared to my thrift finds for a few dollars. The same vintage dresses I get for 5.00 dollars were down there for $45 and up. I was not happy with that at all.

Rag-O-Rama in Lil 5 Points

I did find one vintage dress that I bought in Rag-O-Rama.Their prices weren’t too bad. I paid $20 for it but it was well worth it.  You will have to wait to see it because I have to get it cleaned and altered first.

Thanks Lillie for thrift shopping with me and please check out her site! Happy Shopping!

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